The LLC “LIV-ENERGO” helps Customers to minimize the cost of electricity through efficient and safe for man and nature systems LED lighting.

Why LED Lighting?

Cost savings: lower costs for electricity, maintenance and utilization.

Comfortable lighting: no harmful radiation and flicker.

New features: instantaneous turning on, the ability to control the light flux.

Additional energy: less network load and power dissipation.


Depending on the application area, LLC “LIV-ENERGO” will find the following types of fixtures:

Industrial. The main features – high power, high energy efficiency and economy in difficult operating conditions. Have a high degree of protection against external negative factors.

Commercial. They have a high level of color transfer, create an atmosphere that increases the attendance of the sales area and the number of sales. With the help of such fixtures of different designs you can fully illuminate the premises and concentrate the light on individual details.

Warehouse LEDs. Allow even and efficiently illuminate a large storage space and significantly reduce the cost of electricity.

Office. In this case, the illumination of an identical daylight, helps to adjust employees to productive work, concentrates attention.

Housing and public utilities and administrative. Characterized by reliability, low power consumption, high-quality light flux and durability.

Outdoor (Street and park). Streets and roads are brightly lit by LEDs, looking light and safe.

Emergency. Applies to industrial facilities and public places in case of switching off the main lighting, capable of operating autonomously for up to two hours.

By type of installation are distinguished:

  • TRUNK;

In LLC “LIV-ENERGO” you will find water-proof and dust-protected fixtures (IP65-IP67), as well as high-quality control systems and power supplies. We offer you not only the purchase of fixtures, but also solutions to a whole range of tasks for lighting your premises, buildings, industrial or warehouse buildings, adjoining territories, parks, and streets.

We take into account the features of each project and budget constraints, and also focus on your wishes. Our professional specialists can design an individual lighting project of any complexity.


Efficiency and flexibility of production.

Warranty 5 years (extended warranty 6 – 10 years).


All our products meet the requirements of Ukrainian and European CE and RoHS standards.


The manufacturer, when designing his fixtures, takes into account the criteria and requirements of the customer, and, in accordance with the needs of the customer, develops fixtures to provide the most comfortable conditions. The manufacturer can simulate the required power and with the given characteristics of lighting devices.


Taking into account the above, it is quite difficult to indicate in advance the cost of the lighting equipment and the cost of the project, the cost of the design decision and the cost of lighting devices are formed in accordance with the requirements of the customer, taking into account all the criteria and specifics of the object(s).

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