LLC “LIV-ENERGO” is included in the list of enterprises of the accredited State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine, which carry out energy audits, energy services, implement energy management systems, as well as related fields.

LLC “LIV-ENERGO” is accredited by eco-bank of Ukraine. “UKRGAZBANK” confirmed cooperation on the implementation of joint projects in the following areas:

  – LED lighting;

  – solid fuel boilers and biofuel boilers, modular heat points.

LLC “LIV-ENERGO” is engaged in the maintenance and implementation of energy-efficient and energy-saving projects (energy audits, quality assurance of construction works, technical supervision of the execution of construction and installation work, design, implementation of projects, etc.), trade in equipment and materials.


LLC “LIV-ENERGO” is an official representative of a number of companies and offers the following products:

– LED lighting and LED lamps;

– generators (gasoline, diesel, gas);

– Voltage stabilizers;

– solar systems (solar collectors, boilers, etc.);

– heat pumps;

– photovoltaic (solar panels, inverters, etc.);

– electric boilers, etc.;

– Equipment for professional kitchens (electric cookers, electric grills, ovens, ovens, cookers, furniture for industrial kitchens, etc.);

– ventilation equipment (inflow and exhaust systems, recuperator, fans, etc.);

– metal-plastic doors and windows;

– modular transportable boiler-houses (gas, solid fuel (pellets, chips, coal, firewood), electricity, etc.);

– gas boilers, solid fuel, etc.;

– Individual heat points;

– equipment for pellet lines;

– counters for the calculation of thermal energy, electricity, etc.

LLC “LIV-ENERGO” and partners of the partnership have experience in implementing projects and cooperation with the following international financial organizations: NEFCO, GIZ, EBRD, USAID, UNIDO, the European Union.

The enterprise will perform the following works:

– consulting services for management (maintenance) of implementation of energy-efficient and energy-saving projects, consulting of employees of your organization, etc.;

– conducting energy audits of buildings and industries, future energy certification of buildings;

– design and author’s supervision:

* heat sinking of buildings (strengthening and insulation of building constructions, reconstruction of the heating system, ventilation, alternative energy sources, LED lighting, reconstruction of swimming pools, etc.);

* reconstruction of boiler houses (gas, solid fuel (automatic fuel supply, manual), electricity), combined boiler-houses;

* cogeneration systems;

* alternative energy sources (heliosystems, photovoltaic cells, heat pumps);

* Individual heat points, boiler installations;

* design of water pipes and sewer networks;

* modernization of the electrical equipment of kitchens;

* projects for upgrading electric networks (home and external networks), etc.;

– technical supervision of the execution of construction and installation work of any complexity, technical and financial audit of construction and installation work performed, an energy audit of construction and installation work performed;

– perform construction and installation works on the thermo-modernization of buildings, install a boiler room, an individual heat substation, a solar system, a solar power plant, mount a ventilation system or lighting system, etc.;

– to mount and adjust the work of the pelleting line, to train personnel to work on the specified equipment, support in obtaining permit documentation, service of pellet lines;

– search and attraction of financing for the introduction of innovative, energy-saving, energy-efficient, ESCO projects, etc.;

– sale of equipment and systems, start-up and adjustment work, maintenance of systems during operation.

The specialists of our company and partners will offer a high-quality solution for optimal efficiency and economy.

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